User-centred Assessments


Bright HF conducts user-centred assessments placing your user(s) at the centre of your design and development activities. Input can be provided to all design and development phases to aid the design of a complete product experience tailored to your user’s requirements. Bright HF can work independently or as part of your design or engineering team providing the human centred focus. The exact nature of the input will depend on the phase of development (e.g. feasibility), timescales and budget available and the type of data or information required for your and your customers. Bright HF will work with you and your team to establish at the outset the right methods to use at the right time to achieve the optimal results. 

Key Capabilities

Understanding users and their tasks: ethnographic research, behavioural observations, personas and scenario development, interviews, task analysis, human error identification, risk analysis.

Audits: expert evaluations, cognitive walk-through, heuristic evaluations, display screen equipment assessments (DSE).

User evaluations: focus groups, interviews, questionnaires, surveys, usability tests.


  • Early and ongoing identification and prioritisation of human related design issues.
  • Constructive feedback from users
  • Products, services and systems that are effective, efficient and meet the user’s satisfaction
  • Compliance with industry standards, guidelines and legislation

Whatever type of assessment we conduct for you we will ensure that the deliverables produced are tailored to your needs, contain clearly summarised results and actionable recommendations.

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