Training & Process Development



Bright HF provides user-centred design training to schools, colleges, universities and private companies. This can range from a few hours providing a general introduction to the area to a series of lectures or workshops providing more in-depth and detailed information. Typical subjects include:

  • Background to human factors, ergonomics and usability
  • Understanding of the user-centred design process
  • Basic understanding of methods and techniques (e.g. questionnaire design, user testing)

Courses are tailored to the context (e.g. product design courses) and the audience and will make extensive use of examples and case studies.

Process Development

Bright HF has experience in creating bespoke user-centred processes for individual companies that are based on best practise and experience. We ensure that processes are embedded with your organisational culture and existing business and design processes. Creating a bespoke user-centred design process will provide your company with a systematic, usable, yet formal route for ensuring that human related issues are identified and prioritised early in the project and throughout the lifecycle of the product, service or system.  This process for identifying, tracking and resolving human related issues is often referred to as Human Factors Integration (HFI). The HFI process and methodology is used within many industries and is mandatory on UK MoD projects.

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