Human Factors, Ergonomics & Usability


Bright HF is a Human Factors consultancy providing advice and research to a range of public and private sector organisations. Using methods and techniques from Human Factors, Ergonomics and Usability, Bright HF applies expert knowledge about human capabilities to the design of products, services and systems to increase productivity, safety, efficiency and ease of use.

The ability to focus on understanding the user of the product, service, system or environment, and the involvement of users throughout the design process, can improve the performance of individual projects and your business as a whole.

Taking a user-centred approach early in your project will result in the following benefits:

  • A deep understanding of who your users are, how they think and what they need
  • Systematic identification, prioritisation and resolution of the human related issues. These could be individual factors such as training needs, interaction factors such as the design of the user interface or wider organisational factors such as culture
  • Thorough consideration and documentation of human factors activities to maximise the industry compliance process
  • Products, services and systems that work first time – without the need for costly redesign
  • Products, services, systems and environments optimised for those who use them

The Bright HF approach is always to be creative, exploring novel ways to discover, create, develop and deliver practical, evidence-based, value-adding human centred outcomes across the all projects. We will work with you to create a package tailored to meet your requirements within your timescales and budget. We have experience in:

  • Defence
  • Healthcare
  • Manufacturing
  • Cyber
  • Energy
  • Product Design and Innovation
  • Training and Simulation
  • Security and Counter-Terrorism
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